fear of action…fear of failure

This blog is basically a journal about the steps I am taking to start my own photography business. I hope to have an online/physical photo gallery with the same name of this blog – serene simplicity. My goal is to have photographs that are focused, minimalist, and bring calm into people’s hectic lives.

The hard part about this blog and business is two things – fear of action and fear of failure. I have been afraid of both in the past. Normally my fear of action is because I like planning a lot more than actually doing stuff. The planning stage is a nice place for me to hide and not actually make progress to what I really want. Since I have slowly gotten over my obsession with the planning stage, I realized that I can take action. It’ll fail though – a lot. Like this page for instance. Who knows if anyone will read this? Even if I talk about it on twitter.

Sometimes, if there are no predefined paths or steps, you have to make your own steps. I thought I could just read a guide about how to do a business. I realize now that they can help my progress, but ultimately I’m the one that has to push forward and figure out how to set up my business.



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4 responses to “fear of action…fear of failure

  1. For a long time, I thought the only person who read/stalk my blogsite was my little sister. Although, she still does that I’ve later discovered all these people who’d spot me on the town and will ask if I’m “MsBunn.” haha! They confess that they check out my site regularly and do read what I write. Again, I thought only my sister reads the nonsense that I post, but I guess I was wrong. There are people who just visit for the photos then leave, nothing more. As much as I would like for them to leave a comment to let me know they’ve been by, it doesn’t always work like that and it’s okay. So, I just keep doing what I’ve been doing to help my business and my mind grow. I get to look back on some of my posts and be proud of how much I’ve grown in so little time. You will too, I promise!

  2. Thanks! I realized how much I’ve gotten past my fear of action on things I want to do. It plagued me for a couple years! Now I’ve made the choice to move towards what I want most – to be a photographer.

  3. Christa Watson

    I read it 🙂 you’d be very surprised who comes across this stuff and reads as well.

    I also thought the same until one day I wrote a quick post on night photography (which I really like to do). I had a lot of people contact me about how it got them out trying the advice… I was stunned. So lesson being, if you write it, they will come. If you write it well, they’ll bookmark it lol…

  4. Best of luck with the business! You certainly have the photography part nailed down 😉 Hopefully the business aspect will go great too!


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