Life Nomadic Review

I just read the ebook Life Nomadic.  Let me just say, I was totally blown away.

It’s one of those books you read that makes you think “Why didn’t someone explain this to me before?”  Tynan makes sure to describe what he does in detail.  This book was FULL of quotable quotes and principles for travelling and living life.

My favorite part was about minimalism.  I would consider myself very minimalist, and lots of my friends are weirded out by how few things I have.  But it appears that my minimalism or even the 100 thing challenge don’t even begin to measure up.  Life Nomadic shattered my standards of minimalism.  Three shirts?  Cool!  Sign me up.  Selling all your stuff so you can be wherever you want when you want?  I’ll do it.

The only parts I would change is some of the parts in the chapters about flying on airplanes.  This is  a very small problem, but some of the descriptions could have been better.

Here’s an example:

Tokyo -> SF -> Bangkok.  Get roundtrip from Tokyo to SF  “Set the return date for when you want to go to Bangkok, then take a cheap flight from Tokyo to Bangkok.”

I could be wrong, but what I got from this was Tokyo to SF roundtrip.  Go back to Tokyo on return flight, then go to Bangkok.

Overall though, this book provides a ridiculous amount of value.  It is full of inspiration, information, and quotes and principles that will help you in life.

Thank you Tynan for creating such a great book!

By the way, make SURE to check out his blog.  It is just as full of cool information, like a tour of his RV , the benefits of living transparently, and an interesting look at personal finance.


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