Juggle upside down!

Think about the things you do in your normal day to day routine.

Why do you do it that way? Ask if there is another way to do it?

What would happen if you changed them up and closed your eyes!

Dance You move to the music even more you wear a sleep mask.

Eat Taste the flavors! Taste the rainbow!

Stand on one foot Jeet Kune Do recommends this to keep and maintain balance.

Go on a roller coaster I know people who do this.  Wish to say I could, but motion-sickness kind of stops me.

Sleeping Unless you are a creeper and sleep with your eyes open!

Exercise Do you really want to exercise your balance? Try doing a squat with your eyes closed and really feel the movement.

Running Just kidding!  I would not want you to run into a wall!

Kissing This is a no brainer (at least I hope!)  Who wants to be a weirdo and go cross-eyed while looking at someone else?

Pee I’d be careful if you were a guy.  Wouldn’t want to miss the toilet!

Play a racing video game It’s even better in the company of others, because then they can laugh at your futile attempts at success.

Listen to music Completely immerse yourself in the sounds of the orchestra piece!

Brush your teeth (“Routine things that involve doing something with your body. You will feel the sensations a lot more” – Jackie. For an added bonus, try it with your non-dominant hand.)

Meditation I gueeess you could have your eyes open.  Doesn’t closing your eyes and breathing deeply give a great sensation (affiliate link)?

Having a conversation This really works if it is someone special!  Then you get to hear exactly what they are saying.

Playing a musical instrument. Have you ever noticed that people who play piano or violin or any instrument sway while they play, especially with their eyes closed?


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