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fear of action…fear of failure

This blog is basically a journal about the steps I am taking to start my own photography business. I hope to have an online/physical photo gallery with the same name of this blog – serene simplicity. My goal is to have photographs that are focused, minimalist, and bring calm into people’s hectic lives.

The hard part about this blog and business is two things – fear of action and fear of failure. I have been afraid of both in the past. Normally my fear of action is because I like planning a lot more than actually doing stuff. The planning stage is a nice place for me to hide and not actually make progress to what I really want. Since I have slowly gotten over my obsession with the planning stage, I realized that I can take action. It’ll fail though – a lot. Like this page for instance. Who knows if anyone will read this? Even if I talk about it on twitter.

Sometimes, if there are no predefined paths or steps, you have to make your own steps. I thought I could just read a guide about how to do a business. I realize now that they can help my progress, but ultimately I’m the one that has to push forward and figure out how to set up my business.



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